My Wishlist

Today I have been working on my Wishlist. Let me start with telling you what I’m listening while working on this. I’m listening to Faithless a live concert, I want to see them together with my love. We listen to their concerts a lot. We live in the Caribbean, that means outdoor living and we have a large porch surrounded by our garden, we love to sit out there and play their music and this is a great concert they gave at Rock Werchter in Belgium:

So I was telling you about my Wishlist. As you may have read in my earlier post (Life is Good) I keep lists of what I want to accomplish every year. I call that one my To Do List. Now I have started working on another type of list, which I call the Wishlist.

Last weekend was my birthday weekend, I turned 29, and I spent it with my love. We went to a villa on the coast the whole weekend. On the morning of my birthday we set out early, to visit a natural reserve. We climbed a mountain, a small one but the first one we ever climbed together. In the afternoon we went to a natural healer where we had an aloe vera skin treatment and a massage together. I will tell you more about that in my next post. But I think my birthday among others has helped me to start thinking about my Wishlist.

You know, I always know what I don’t want. It has always been like that, I knew what I did not want to study, I knew where I did not want to live and so on and so on. Being me, I made lists of those things as well. After reading a beautiful article about finding true love I started to realize I should be able to make beautiful lists with very specific details about what I do want. Instead of making negative lists with everything I do not want. If you have a little bit of time try and read this article, I found it really beautiful and inspiring:

So for my Wishlist I have been doing the following: Instead of saying I do not want to have this job anymore, I hate that I have to start at 8 every single day and I don’t have enough vacation days. I banned all those negative thoughts and I have reflected on what I do want and how to formulate the things I do want in positive wishes, please allow me to share a few of my wishes with you:

I want to be self employed in a business I share with my love. I want to work together with my love everyday and create beautiful things. I want to sell to clients that value and respect our work. I want to make great business deals that help us prosper. I want to determine my own hours and my own vacation days. I want to be completely independent.
I want to look stunning in beautiful clothes and I want to learn how to make these clothes because I have a lot of ideas about how I would like to look.

I want to feel fit and healthy, I want to have enough energy to get up every day and have a great day. I want to enjoy every day and have time to relax. I want to sleep with my love every night. I want to breathe naturally and freely. I want my shoulders and neck to be relaxed and loose. I want my skin to be smooth and tight. I want my muscles to be strong and I want my body to be flexible. I want my mind to be clear, focused and positive. I want my body to be healthy and I want to feed my body with healthy food and train it with healthy exercise.

I want to make love every day. I want to laugh every day, I want to enjoy nature every day, I want to learn new things, visit new places, live new experiences, taste new food, I want to get married, meet new friends and old friends, and most of all I want to share everything with my love.


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More Communication

I was convinced, and I still am that my love is my soul mate, my other half. For me this meant that he should be able to understand what I wanted without communicating about it. I think a lot of people are in this habit. I have a small example to explain what I mean. Imagine this. I get home from work, tired and I really do not want to do anything. BUT of course I do not want to appear to be lazy. So when my loves asks me if I would rather just relax for a while he makes dinner I make an encouraging face and tell him “of course not honey I’ll make dinner.” Expecting him to insist that he will make dinner. Too bad for me he replies. “great babe, I’ll finish up some work while you start on dinner.”

For some reason, which I do not completely understand, I really did expect him to insist that he made dinner because:

A. He could tell I was really tired by looking at me
B. He remembered me telling him earlier at lunch how I would was really tired.
C. He can read my mind
D. All of the above

Of course now that I am writing it down it does seem silly even to me, but I do catch myself plenty of times thinking that people (especially the ones I am really close to) can understand me without really talking to them. OK this might have been true for your high school BFF, remember how you could always finish each others sentences? But it turns out it does not work that way in love relationship, well not for me at least. (funny thing it never works that way with your parents either).

Secondly, and I really do not know why, but the cliche seems to be true, women tend do say the opposite of what they want, especially when talking to their loves. Why do we do that? Do guys do that as well?

I’m sure I did it a lot, I know my friends do it, and yes men always complain about it. After reading this great book on non-violent communication (see my previous post) I discovered that many fights and misunderstandings were created because I was not straightforward about what I wanted.

After analyzing my thoughts and actions I can tell you what I was doing wrong, I was always trying to give the answers which I thought people wanted to hear. Especially with my love. But it turns out it does not work like that in a relationship, because a lot of times I was agreeing to things only to disagree or try to manipulate the situation later on. If I would have been honest about my feelings from the start it would have been easier for both of us. I am a very stubborn person so although I would initially in a vague way agree to something eventually I would try and change everything to have it my way. Needles to say this was a major trouble causer for us and in hindsight I can see how very annoying it must be for others.

So great communication is not only about listening and understanding it is also about being honest and clear about what you want to say. Again it sounds really easy. Please check out the following page, it was created by the person who developed non-violent communication. His ideas and teachings were of great help to me and I hope they will be for you to.

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Feel good, take care of yourself and others!

Yesterday night my love had to work and I was all by myself. We try to spend our nights together and do so most of the time, so for me it was a bit strange to be all by myself the whole evening. But I tried to make the most out of it by treating myself to a nice evening of relaxing and pampering!

But first I went to see my street dogs. We have a lot of dogs at home that live with us, but there are also a few dogs that live in the street that I try to bring food and water every day. They live in an abandoned house not far from where I live. All three are very afraid of people and most of the time they do not come close but yesterday I was able to sit down with them and the largest of the three girls came over for some cuddling time. I was able to take their pictures and when I got home I got in touch with the local animal rescue, they are so overcrowded that they can not take in new dogs but they knew about these three, turns out another lady is feeding them as well.  I hope we will find a solution for them soon.

Helping animals is something I feel very passionate about. I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time because I cannot stand they way animals are treated in the meat industry. Although I am not the kind of person to try and tell people how to live their lives I do recommend everybody to inform yourself about where your food comes from. For those who are not familiar with the food industry the following documentary is a must see:

I know this documentary will make you feel very sad but I urge everybody to try and watch it, knowing the truth behind matters is a vital step in enabling change!

So back to my relax night, after I got home all sweaty and dirty I started out by organizing a few things around the house, a clean environment helps a lot when you try to clear your mind and relax. I took care of all the animals and plants and made sure everybody was well fed, watered and happy.

Then I took my time to sit down and work on this blog with a nice glass of Proseco… I have added a new post about what blogging means to me to ‘the relax and have fun’ category you can find it here.

Afterwards I took my time to walk and look at all the beautiful stars. There was a meteorite shower these past few days but because of the clouds we could not see it as well as on other places on earth. After walking I took my time to do yoga, outside on the porch with the half moon shining down on me, very peaceful.

By then it was already eleven o’clock, I called my love but he still had a lot of work to finish so I continued with my pamper plan and started running a nice warm bath. I was planning on taking time for face and hair mask and I decided to make the hair mask myself. My hair is really long and it is straight but a little bit curly in the back, but lately my locks almost look like rastas and that is not what I am aiming for. If I try to comb them the break so I felt it is time for kick-ass hair mask or to just cut it all of. This is not the first time I use a home made mask and I have been experimenting with recipes I found online for a few years already. 

This time I used:

One ripe avocado
Aloe gel from one large aloe leave
Two teaspoons of olive oil
One tablespoon of cacao Vaseline 
(this is a first try, I always use Vaseline gel on my nails and hands and it restores them very well so I thought let’s try it for the hair)

I see a lot of recipes on Internet that advise you to put in one raw egg but I have tried doing that and to be honest I do not like it, it makes the mixture very liquid and sticky and it drips all over the place.

So I put all my ingredients in my Magic Bullet blender:

I am not one to promote products but I am really very happy with this blender, it very well priced and it really does what it tells you. And besides making great hair masks it will make great smoothies as well as sauces and it grinds cheese, amazing!

So after blending everything into a smooth mix it looked like a smooth green pudding. I put it on my dry hair (I had washed my hair the day before and not used any styling products) and then went to my wonderful bath. Before getting in I cleaned my face and applied my Burt’s Bees facial mask. I do make a point out of trying to buy beauty products that are not tested on animals and I am more then willing to pay extra for that. I do realize Burt’s is now part of the Clorox company (and they do test on animals) but it is the only animal test free product I have been able to find here and I am convinced that I will send out a message as a consumer by putting my money into non-animal tested products and I know it will help companies realize that this is important for consumers. I believe that although it is a small voice as a consumer you have a choice and that is your voice!

I would love to find non-animal tested cleaning products as well and I will continue to look for them. You can always do better and aim even higher and that is what I will do!

My love sometimes says, “Maybe your best is not good enough”. In the past I would take this as an offense but now I finally start to realize what he means.  That my best could be better and that is right we can do better, better for ourselves by taking good care of ourselves and eating healthy food. We can do better by others by showing more empathy and we can do better by our planet by being conscience consumers and trying to help in any small way we can.  Think about it and think about what you can do better for yourself, for others and for out wonderful planet.

Mucho love and a big hug!

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Hey Y’all 😀

I want to tell you about my blogging experiences. Well actually this is my first blog, it has been two weeks since my first post. First of all I wanted to tell you I am having so much fun doing this and I want to thank everybody who has been reading for allowing me to share with you. It is amazing to see how people from all over the world are reading my words, really amazing! I have some nice listening material for you, it’s an awesome reggae drum n bass remix I love to listen while I work on this blog:

So writing a blog, yes it is a lot of work, I think I spend about 2 to 3 hours on each post, because I try to gather  and investigate interesting information for each post, but I really love doing this. I started this blog to share my experiences with the world because I felt I am discovering so many positive things that are worthy to share with the world! But I am also blogging because I like to make lists and look things up, I like to make an overview of everything I discover and everything I want to do, in a way that is easy to read back, and a blog is ideal for this. And you know what, blogging helps me to organize my thoughts and to let go, writing things down allows me to let go of these things because I know they are saved somewhere so I do not have to worry about them all the time.

I have only told a few close friends and my love about my blog. My love is more a paper kind of guy so he prints everything and then reads it, his feedback has been really positive. As you may have read I am not a talkative person and my love tells me that by reading my blog he is understanding  a lot more about me.

You know, I have always tried to write but I never found anything good to write about until now, and now I am noticing that I am really happy with taking the step to start a blog. It seems like a small thing to do but I feel it added a new dimension to my life. I feel there is more to life now and I am ready to discover it. There are so many things on my list, places to go, things I want to do and I feel ready for it!

This blog has helped me realize that I was feeling stuck, stuck in a not so challenging job, stuck with my weight, stuck on a lot of things I did not even know were bothering me but as soon as I started writing my mind started to overflow with ideas. I make short notations in my phone about everything I want to write about and I have so many interesting subjects I want to investigate that I think I can keep going for months! I have told you I try to walk every night and during my walks my head fills with all kinds of things I want to write about or I want to do with my life.
Of course I did some research before starting this blog, that is how I ended up using WordPress, it seemed like the easiest to use. There is so much information out there for aspiring bloggers, they tell you that you should not expect to be popular the first year, that you have to comment on other blogs, that you have to make a twitter account there is so much advise out there.

I think the most important thing is to find something you are passionate about to write about and that is what I am doing. From here on we will see what happens, I am grateful for this opportunity to share my adventures and I will try to make this read as interesting as possible by adding nice media or informative links. I do not blog to make money, I blog to tell my story, to share, to feel inspired, to clear my head, to create ideas, to get away from everything, to tell the world about things that  matter to me, to inform people about interesting discoveries I have made and to let you in on my journey to create positive change in my life!
Thank you all for being here, this was in a nutshell what keeping this blog means to me, I noticed that a lot of readers are bloggers themselves and I would love to know how all of you feel about keeping a blog and what your blog means to you… So please feel free to add your comments and feedback! Big hug and mucho love!


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Gain it, Loose it!

Hey everybody, funny how things happen, I had a draft of this article since yesterday, (it was Monday and I wanted to wish you, A Happy Week, a local custom here) but I did not have time to finish it. That turned out to be for the best because today I discovered I could participate in the WordPress weekly writing challenge, like my blog, this week the challenge is about health. (

As you may have read in my earlier posts I was quite frustrated about gaining a few pounds and fitting into my favorite jeans anymore. So since one week now I have been trying to do something about that.

I try to watch what I eat and I try drinking a lot of water but I do not want to exhaust and starve myself by withholding food. Neither do I want to start a very intense exercise regime. I am convinced that by doing regular not too hard exercise and by eating right I will be able to shed the wait I have gained. My love is convinced that I need to do cardio training at least three times a week. I can still hear him saying: honey just get that stepper from the attic and start working out, that’s the only way to loose weight.

Up until now I have been taking the following measures. I walk every evening, between 20 and 40 minutes. At breakfast I only have fruit and ginger infusion (no sugar). I start with the warm drink, it’s good for your digestive system to start the day with a warm drink. If I get hungry I snack on mixed low salt nuts, seeds or fruit. I try to replace one meal a day (lunch or dinner) with a green smoothie (my favorite green smoothie recipe is at the end of this article) and when I eat I try to eat not as much as I used too and chew more on each bite.

My biggest issue is that I love (love love) to have a little (or big) dessert after dinner. So lately I have tried to settle that urge by making a Red Bush infusion and adding a little bit of honey and warm almond milk, helps me sleep and satisfies my sweet tooth.

I have based all these resolutions on information I gathered on the Internet and I have made a small sum up of the best ideas and advice I have come across.

Healthy Food, healthy balance
Start with analyzing what you eat. Do you really eat as healthy as you think? Try and delete the processed foods and bring in more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. 
Try to eat balanced and do not cut out something completely, not even fat. Your body needs fat, no deep fried chicken fat but healthy fats you find in nuts and fish.  Your body also needs protein to keep you going, found in eggs for example. Try to eat a lot of fiber rich food, fibers stimulate and accelerate your digestion and act as natural detoxifier.

Maintaining a healthy balance in what you ingest is important for your body, you can eat less but completely stopping to eat something, like fat, will only confuse your body instead of stimulating it to help you loose weight.

Become a Kitchen Prince or Princess
Try to make your own meals, this way you know what you are eating. It takes some time but it is good for you and it is always fun to try new recipes. Do your research and discover, there are so many tasteful, easy and fast to make dishes.

Take out the Garbage
Try to replace your breads, pastas and rice with whole grain products. Maybe at first you will have to make a small adjustment but when your body gets used to the taste of whole grain bread you will not want any other.
Try to replace sugar with sweet leaf, it has much less calories and it is not an artificial product.
Try to make your own healthy snacks instead of going for the processed cookies and crisps. My movie favorite is Japanese style Edamame, salty steamed beans.

Pay Attention

When you have a meal try to sit down in a quiet place, no TV or distractions, accept for dinnertime conversation. Pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat and chew like you mean it. This for me is really hard because I’m a chew twice and swallow type of person, but try it; better-chewed food is easier to process for your body. Secondly your body does not tell you your hunger is satisfied until after twenty minutes of eating so by taking your time for each bite you allow you body time to feel full and you wont over eat. You’ll enjoy your food better and feel more saturated, so you’re satisfied with less and are less likely to snack.

What to drink?

Water? Yes, yes and yes
I love water, learn to love water, and drink it any chance you get

Juice? Depends
Making your own juice is best. Processed juices are filled with sugar, although you can get some nice fresh juice options at the selected supermarkets, keep away from the light juices and drinks because the artificial sweeteners in the end are worse then sugar.

Coffee? Depends
Making your own with a little bit of sugar is OK, although the caffeine won’t be a plus for you sometimes you just need caffeine. But keep away from the Starbucks sugar and cream loaded lattes.

Tea? Yes
Well herbal infusions are preferable but a nice green tea will not do any harm.

Soft drinks? Nope
Do I need to elaborate?

Alcohol? Nope but….
a glass of red wine now and then won’t do any harm, try and stay clear of all the heavy alcoholic drinks because your body will take it as a pure sugar overload.

Dairy? Maybe
Personally I try to replace all dairy with almond and coconut alternatives but a low fat yogurt won’t do any harm.

My favorite: Chocolate
There is good chocolate, the  very dark 70%+ kind and there is bad chocolate, the sweet milk kind. Try and stick with the 70% kind and you can eat a bit every day. Dark Chocolate contains numerous feel good ingredients like anandamide, tryptophan and theobromine. Because of these ingredients you feel good about yourself and the dark chocolate will still your need for sweet in just a few bites. In addition, chocolate also contains additional fiber and healthy fats. Personally I eat two pieces of chocolate with a black espresso everyday after my green smoothie lunch, and I can tell I’m always completely satisfied. (which is big coming from someone who can easily eat two Magnums and consider a third).

If you do not get enough sleep your body will make more cortisol, a stress hormone that enhances your appetite. Secondly if you are tired you are more likely to opt for eating something fast and unhealthy.  So try to get eight hours sleep and listen to your body, if you feel you are still tired try to go to sleep a little earlier and try and sleep nine hours, you will see once your body is rested your energy levels will increase and even getting out of bed is not a problem.

Try to move everyday, especially if you are in an office job like me; try to just walk every day after work. Do not let the scale control your life, getting in shape is not always about loosing pounds. Make sure you have clothes that fit well and are nice for walking; you do not have to go shopping, just find something in you closet that is comfortable for walking.
Keep track of how much you move everyday. If you have time choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. You do not need to become a member of your local gym and spent a huge amount of money. Do a few easy exercises every morning. Just start out with easy and fun to do stuff that will help you feel better.

Realists Rule 

Do not set impossible goals, impossible goals result in disappointment that results in you becoming less enthusiastic.
Make a clear plan, try it out and if that does not work for you do not be afraid to adjust.
Do not starve yourself, withholding food from your body, will stimulate your body to switch to survival mode and try and burn a little calories as possible.
Plan what you eat and keep track, I am not a calorie counter but I try to have a little list in my head of everything I eat in a day.
Indulge yourself one day a week, don’t go all out crazy but do eat a little piece of chocolate cake, or whatever is your biggest sin food. It’s a reward for all the hard work you did and it will stop your body from going into low calorie burning survival mode.
Try and eat smaller portions and make sure you do not get hungry by always carrying healthy snacks like an apple with you.
The best way of not eating unhealthy stuff is by not buying it.
Think about that next time you are shopping and buy healthy alternatives.
Also realize that you won’t loose weight locally, you will probably loose it where you gained it last (too bad because the only thing I likes about gaining weight was a bigger cup size).
Most importantly, realize that once you have started to adjust your eating pattern this is for life!
Read again, and pay attention, it is for the rest of your life! Chancing the way you eat is not something you will keep up two weeks and then you can go back to the way things were.

Finally: Stay Positive

Try to write about your experiences, it will help you get a clearer overview of all your efforts and successes. Talk to friends about what you want to accomplish, maybe you will find someone who is wanting the same and you can share experiences or even walk together. Inform yourself about what you are doing. Surround yourself with positive people. Try to reduce stress by meditation for example. If you are less stressed you will be able to focus more on what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes everything just seems to go wrong and nothing works out the way you want. In that case just take a day, leave everything, rest, rest, rest, relax and focus on turning your mindset around to being positive. Tomorrow is another day and you will get there where you want to be!

Last but not least: The Green Smoothie
I know, I know the smoothie, or batido as we call it here, makes you think about a fruit milky cold drink packed with sugar and fat. But it can be done differently, full with superfoods like kale and chia seeds. You can make it at home in no time (shopping for the right ingredients can take a little bit more time though). And best of all it does not have to taste awful! One of my favorite recipes for a kale green smoothie can be found on this website:,18221

It is called the wellness warrior smoothie; it is like a very healthy meal that you can drink. I use it a lot during lunch as a meal replacement and it really gives me energy the whole afternoon.

Enjoy everybody! Love and Peace


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Life with People

Dear all, good morning and a great day to everybody! My week started out fantastic. We had a very relaxed Sunday. I got up at 6.30 (in the morning!) which is not very common for me on Sundays, but I was full of energy and happiness. I took the dogs out for an early morning walk. Then I made a great healthy all grain pancake breakfast and I spent almost 4 hours taking care of my love. He really needed to relax but he was so wired from everything he had to do that he was finding it hard to enjoy his day off.

For me the ultimate way to help somebody relax is by using massage and reflexology techniques. I love touching my love’s body so for me it is a very pleasant experience as well. Really anyone can give massages and use reflexology, I found that it is a really special experience for you and your love to discover all these great instruments of wellness together. Start by reading about the techniques you want to use, get nice smelling massage oil and a quiet place to start practicing. Make sure you and the receiver are comfortable, not too cold, not too warm, you can set the ambience by lowering the lights and lighting a bit of incense. For me personally I prefer for my love and me to be naked while massaging I feel it enhances you connection (another great advantage of massaging each other in stead of going to a salon). So yes massaging and reflexology are all about connection, close your eyes and let your hands feel his or her body, when you first start, do not press to hard and check regularly with the receiver how it feels.  I have received quite a few massages so what I do while massaging is I try to imagine how the moves I make feel on the receivers body, I really try to imagine the sensations he is feeling and that way become mentally and spiritually closer to each other. Of course the other great advantage of giving your love a massage is that it will probably set the scene for other very nice couples activities… making love is one of the best ways to relax so my advice is to really enjoy and relax together, learn to understand each others bodies and reach a fantastic climax together.

If you want to catch up on your massage or reflexology techniques I found these really interesting websites and videos to tell you more:

Referring this account back to the theme of this blog, how to create change in your life. Well I found out that it is inevitable to share your life with people. My dream when I was little was to live on a deserted island with only animals, no people; I have always felt people were ruining this planet, killing each other, killing animals, killing mother earth I didn’t want anything to do with people.

Well then you grow up and you start to realize there are some people that are OK and there are a few that you love and in the end you have to deal with people to live your life, the good ones and the bad ones. As I tried to explain before I started this blog about my quest to make positive changes in my life. During our therapy sessions I discovered that it is really hard for me to show empathy towards people.

#Google -> Define: empathy -> The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

This is one thing I had to work on because it was really threatening the relationship with my love, one of the only people I really love to be with.

So to be honest I really had to teach myself to be more emphatically towards others, actually to change my mindset to not to think about myself in the first place. Weird thing is that I have always had seas of empathy towards animals but when dealing with people I would always go into a defense mode instead of a understand mode.

In my previous blogs I have told you about me trying to improve my communication skills by learning more about non-violent communication and being a better listener. Listening and understanding others is really important if you try to have empathy for the other. So besides improving my communication skills I also try just to be nicer in general. I have always been nice during short exchanges like with a teller at the shop, I am really a pleasant customer. But that is not what I mean. I try to be nicer to people around me by doing things for them without expecting anything is return.

If you are like me, not used to this, it something you have to think about, for example, last week I had to get some groceries for the office and while in the shop I saw some doughnuts, I was thinking, sweet a doughnut, just what I wanted. Then I thought, wait a minute; maybe the guys in the office would like a doughnut as well. Now in the past this thought would not have occurred to me, I would have just bought and eaten a doughnut myself without anyone knowing what they missed out on. But this time I bought 4 doughnuts, one for me and three for the colleagues and I waited until I got back to the office and hand them out before eating (I didn’t even protest when the chocolate sprinkled doughnut which I wanted was taken by someone else). It turned out one of our colleagues had left for the day so we had one doughnut extra, my first thought was, yummy one extra for me, and then I thought, no you can divide it in three and share this one as well, and so I did. And it felt really good!

It all sounds so simple but if you are not used to this mindset it is something you have to think about, but over time it will be more something you just do instead of something you have to tell yourself to do. Here, my example about Sunday comes in, I could have thought ‘what a great day for me to spent doing the stuff I want to do for myself’, but in stead, with no prior self-instructions, I felt that my love was really stressed and I wanted to do something to help him feel better and enjoy our Sunday together.

In conclusion I still believe there are a lot of evil people in the world and all the empathy in the universe will not help me understand how people can abuse and kill other human and non-human beings. I have been disappointed and betrayed by people whom I trusted. Looking back I realize these things have happened for a reason I was able to see these peoples true nature, to remove them from my life and now my life is better without them. It was a sort of cleansing that needed to happen, so if some one betrays you do not think about revenge and grief, be happy you found out who they really were before they did greater damage. And most importantly do not be afraid to give your trust to others, do not let one bad experience ruin your life.

Trying to be emphatically towards others will make your life happier, because you will receive back what you give. Just start out on a small scale and think about it, think about the people you feel deserve your empathy most and start by showing it to them, you will find these small steps will change your mindset and without trying you will start to be more emphatically towards all around you.

I’ll be back later with some great stuff about loosing weight, feeling good and being healthy in the “have fun and relax’ category of this site.

Love Life Peace!

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Life is Good

Good morning world, it’s another wonderful day on planet earth, at my location the sky is blue the sun is shining and its Friday! I’m listening to a great reggae artist I just recently discovered called Alborosie, on YouTube you can find a great gig which he gave at Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain (going there is definitely on the ToDoList, I’ll get back to that later on).

Yes, I am feeling very good about a lot of things. There is always so much stuff to get you down, on a global scale and in your personal life but I try to focus on the positive. I have been trying to tell you more about the small changes I have been trying to make in my life to create positive change.  Positive change in my attitude, in my relationship, in my energy level, in the way I feel about myself.

I earlier posts I have told you about what I have discovered about my own communication skills and how they would get in the way of my happiness. Today I want to tell you more about practical steps I have been taken to feel better. I love the Internet, I use it to look up anything I am interested in and for me the Internet is a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

One of the great tools I have discovered is a research program by a Dutch university; it’s a questionnaire that helps you assess you happiness. It is a free tool that helps you discover which things in your life make you happy and which make you unhappy. You can find more information about it on this page:

This tool helped me to think about the things that really make me happy and relaxed. I made a list of what makes me happy and it inspires me to try and spend more time doing what makes me happy. It was by doing this and really focusing on what makes my happy I discovered that it is really satisfying for me to spent time in the garden, I love to plant plants and flowers and grow vegetables and fruit. And now that I know this makes me happy it seems my mind wants to spent more time thinking about this and out of the blue I get great ideas for my garden and all kind’s of great garden improvements which I can easily realize.

I support the theory of the law of attraction. I’m pretty sure most people know what I am talking about, thanks to movies like the Secret. The basic idea is everything is made of energy, you, me, our thoughts; everything is made out of energy. Energy attracts energy. This means that positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy. Sounds simple right. I know I say this a lot, but really it is simple, the difficult thing is to understand it and trying to enable it in your own life.

It is not magic, it is not like when you get mail and there is a bill inside and you put all your thoughts into thinking that is a check inside the mail and abracadabra the bill turns into a check. But having a positive mindset and thinking about getting checks in stead of bills might help assure that the next mail will hold a check inside, while if you keep on thinking this is just the first of many bills to come, many bills is what you will get.

So making up your mind about what makes you happy and focusing on that in a positive way will help you attract the things that make you happy. It will start small, with one positive that happens in your life, this positive happening leads to you being happy and you giving out more positive energy and this will lead to more positive happenings.

It worked for me and it will work for you. Let me tell you about my own situation. Just a two months ago my love and I found ourselves in an acute financial crisis, three of his clients decided not to pay their invoices all at the same time and our bills were piling up to the point that they almost cut of our water and electric. We had so many assets but it was impossible to turn them into money in such a short notice. The car we wanted to sell broke down and every time we fixed one thing some other part of the car broke down.  We had a house on the market and the realtor had called that there were serious buyers, he was already drawing up the documents when they found out they could not get financing. We were totally stressed out and full of negative energy until we said, enough!

We sat down, watched the secret together, analyzed our complete situation, made a step by step plan and we asked for help. We got the help we asked for, and started working hard to accomplish everything we had planned. And little by little the situation started to turn around, the car that for no apparent reason did not want to start anymore out of the blue with no repairs done started again and was sold, the people who wanted to buy the house and who were turned down for financing called that another bank did want to finance them. It felt like this little positive wave had rolled into our lives and it just keep on growing bigger and bigger with positive happenings.

I believe it is not just by thinking that you can make things happen, of course you have to work for it and try and make things happen with a positive attitude. I have known about the law of attraction for a few years but as my example can demonstrate everybody can have a downturn, it is the way you handle it that makes all the difference.

So, accept for dealing with the here and now situations of your life, like solving an immediate financial crisis, I try to use the law of attraction as well to focus on large or long term things I want to accomplish in my life. One example of this is that every start of the year I make a ToDoList with things I want to learn or experience that year and every time I do something that’s on my list I mark it and it fills me with happiness. Going to Rototom Sunsplash Festival is on my list, although I’m won’t be able to go there this year I am sure it will happened next year or the year after so I do not worry if in one year I do not complete my list, the items I did not do just move on to the next year.

I feel there are two things, which are really important for you to be conscious about when you want the law attraction to work for you. The first thing is that you have to be honest, be honest to yourself about what you want.
Being honest to yourself is not easy, ask yourself, what is it I really want? There are so many things that you think you want because other people have them and it makes them happy but that does not mean these things will make you happy. So try and really think about what it is you really want and what will make you ahppy and be honest to yourself about it!

Secondly you have to be grateful for what you already have, try everyday to take a little bit of time and think about everything in your life that makes you happy, these do not need to be material things, it can be friendship, love, the weather, just anything that makes you happy in your life right now and turn these happy feelings into gratefulness. Try and share these feelings of happiness and gratefulness with the universe.

Personally I have always felt this was difficult because what is the universe? How to share something with the universe? But nowadays I just take a moment when I am outside and just stop close my eyes, I smile and feel the sun and the wind on my skin, breathe in deeply and I think about all the great stuff in my life which I am grateful for and when I breath out I imagine all these happy and grateful feelings being carried into the world with my out flowing breath.

I found a little wikihow page that has a little resume of what is explained in the movie the secret:

Of course this is a good start and once you have started you just try whichever way of working with the law of attraction feels good for you. Keep the positive energy flowing and keep the love growing

Ill try and write a small article about green smoothies for the “relax and have fun” category of this blog, this afternoon, if not Ill be back on Monday. Thanks for being here and letting me share with you, have a great weekend everybody and enjoy!


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