Feel good, take care of yourself and others!

Yesterday night my love had to work and I was all by myself. We try to spend our nights together and do so most of the time, so for me it was a bit strange to be all by myself the whole evening. But I tried to make the most out of it by treating myself to a nice evening of relaxing and pampering!

But first I went to see my street dogs. We have a lot of dogs at home that live with us, but there are also a few dogs that live in the street that I try to bring food and water every day. They live in an abandoned house not far from where I live. All three are very afraid of people and most of the time they do not come close but yesterday I was able to sit down with them and the largest of the three girls came over for some cuddling time. I was able to take their pictures and when I got home I got in touch with the local animal rescue, they are so overcrowded that they can not take in new dogs but they knew about these three, turns out another lady is feeding them as well.  I hope we will find a solution for them soon.

Helping animals is something I feel very passionate about. I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time because I cannot stand they way animals are treated in the meat industry. Although I am not the kind of person to try and tell people how to live their lives I do recommend everybody to inform yourself about where your food comes from. For those who are not familiar with the food industry the following documentary is a must see:


I know this documentary will make you feel very sad but I urge everybody to try and watch it, knowing the truth behind matters is a vital step in enabling change!

So back to my relax night, after I got home all sweaty and dirty I started out by organizing a few things around the house, a clean environment helps a lot when you try to clear your mind and relax. I took care of all the animals and plants and made sure everybody was well fed, watered and happy.

Then I took my time to sit down and work on this blog with a nice glass of Proseco… I have added a new post about what blogging means to me to ‘the relax and have fun’ category you can find it here.

Afterwards I took my time to walk and look at all the beautiful stars. There was a meteorite shower these past few days but because of the clouds we could not see it as well as on other places on earth. After walking I took my time to do yoga, outside on the porch with the half moon shining down on me, very peaceful.

By then it was already eleven o’clock, I called my love but he still had a lot of work to finish so I continued with my pamper plan and started running a nice warm bath. I was planning on taking time for face and hair mask and I decided to make the hair mask myself. My hair is really long and it is straight but a little bit curly in the back, but lately my locks almost look like rastas and that is not what I am aiming for. If I try to comb them the break so I felt it is time for kick-ass hair mask or to just cut it all of. This is not the first time I use a home made mask and I have been experimenting with recipes I found online for a few years already. 

This time I used:

One ripe avocado
Aloe gel from one large aloe leave
Two teaspoons of olive oil
One tablespoon of cacao Vaseline 
(this is a first try, I always use Vaseline gel on my nails and hands and it restores them very well so I thought let’s try it for the hair)

I see a lot of recipes on Internet that advise you to put in one raw egg but I have tried doing that and to be honest I do not like it, it makes the mixture very liquid and sticky and it drips all over the place.

So I put all my ingredients in my Magic Bullet blender: http://www.buythebullet.com/

I am not one to promote products but I am really very happy with this blender, it very well priced and it really does what it tells you. And besides making great hair masks it will make great smoothies as well as sauces and it grinds cheese, amazing!

So after blending everything into a smooth mix it looked like a smooth green pudding. I put it on my dry hair (I had washed my hair the day before and not used any styling products) and then went to my wonderful bath. Before getting in I cleaned my face and applied my Burt’s Bees facial mask. I do make a point out of trying to buy beauty products that are not tested on animals and I am more then willing to pay extra for that. I do realize Burt’s is now part of the Clorox company (and they do test on animals) but it is the only animal test free product I have been able to find here and I am convinced that I will send out a message as a consumer by putting my money into non-animal tested products and I know it will help companies realize that this is important for consumers. I believe that although it is a small voice as a consumer you have a choice and that is your voice!

I would love to find non-animal tested cleaning products as well and I will continue to look for them. You can always do better and aim even higher and that is what I will do!

My love sometimes says, “Maybe your best is not good enough”. In the past I would take this as an offense but now I finally start to realize what he means.  That my best could be better and that is right we can do better, better for ourselves by taking good care of ourselves and eating healthy food. We can do better by others by showing more empathy and we can do better by our planet by being conscience consumers and trying to help in any small way we can.  Think about it and think about what you can do better for yourself, for others and for out wonderful planet.

Mucho love and a big hug!


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