Sometimes some days just start out wrong and it seems like everything is going, well what other way to say it then, crap, everything is crap.

Getting into work this morning there are loads of requests for my boss but he is not in yet and I have no idea when he will be there. When he finally gets there I find out that he took the rental car, which he had to hand in on Friday, and he kept it over the weekend. This means any hassle with the rental company is now my problem.

As soon as he gets in the phone starts ringing with angry customers who claim I said I would call them on Friday and I didn’t. I never made any such promise.

And then the cherry on top is that I have been trying to call my love all morning because he told me he had to get up early, so I raced home just before my boss arrived because I was afraid he was sleeping and he would miss an important job meeting but no the Prince is laying in bed urging me not to make so much noise because he was just waking up. Turns out his appointment was cancelled. Ohw yes and I hurt my big toe yesterday, severed half my toenail, blood and all… I said it Crap!

I was not going to write about any of this today; I had other plans for my blog. To write about my great weekend or my new plan about eating less chocolate.  But no today I have to write all this down to try and maybe get it out of my system. I’m still at a point where I think I should have stayed in bed. And it is Monday, I still have a whole week ahead and I am not looking forward to it.

So what now?

I don’t want to be in my current “everything is crap and the whole week will suck” mood.

How to get myself in a happier mood?

I started out with drinking one large glass of water, it may just be mental but I try and imagine the cool water cool down my anger and try and feel it flowing trough my whole body and cool me down.

Then I started out with the simple but urgent things I had to do for my job, It does not help my mood but once they are done I do feel a little bit more at ease.

I made a cup of ginger infusion for myself, I’m not sure it will improve my mood but my “better diet plan” for this week did include drinking ginger everyday so I will try and do that however bad I feel.

Then I sat down at my desk, started writing all this down while listening to one of my favorite heavy metal songs. There was a period in my life when all I would listen was heavy metal. I haven’t touched that playlist for a long while but today is a special day. Normally I listen to reggae, classic rock, techno or drum n bass. But as I said today a little bit of heavy metal will definitely pump my spirits. Its weird but I guess everybody has their own type of music for certain moods. It’s good to know what type of music makes you feel in what way. Here is my grumpy mood playlist:

Children of Bodom – Bodom After Midnight
(this is a band from the Far North, I’m guessing Finland, I particularly like this song, Im not sure about the lyrics but I just feel all my anger releasing when i listen)
Sepultura – Ratamahatta
(Sepultura, it’s a classic, from Brasil, I love this song, in Portuguese with its typical Brasilian drum beats, great video as well)
Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
(Iron Maiden, the classic of classic metal, always a mood improver)

Finally I will start with my 5-HTP capsules again. I stumbled upon them a few months ago; my love had them in his cabinet. He never used them. I read that they would help with sleep and at that time it would always take me a while to fall asleep so I tried them and was quite happy about it. I take them on and of, one week yes two weeks not. They help me sleep and they improve my mood.

5-HTP is a chemical compound that is naturally produced in your body. It makes serotonin, an important hormone for regulating your mood. 5-HTP is also available as a natural dietary supplement, for use as an antidepressant, appetite suppressant, and sleep aid. I buy it in capsules in my local health shop, its made from the seeds of a African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). Dr. Oz can explain it a lot better:

So I’m trough my playlist, I wrote down everything that bothered me and what I will do about it, and finished my tea so in conclusion I can tell you that I do actually feel better, less agitated and I’m sure I will kick ass this week.

Now that that is settled I will tell you about what I want to do this week. My love and I have a lot of stuff we have to organize, work wise and home wise and planning wise. So I will try and get everything organized and make a week planning.

For my own account I feel I have overdone it on the chocolate last week, I got a lot of zits to tell for it. And all this while I only ate dark chocolate! So this week I will try to eat less sugar and candy. I will drink a cup of ginger infusion everyday. There is so much food that is good for you (and so much more that is bad for you). But Ginger is really good for you, I really feel it helps cleanse my body.  So that is Ginger infusion for the daytime and a nice red bush infusion before bed. And as mentioned I will try and keep the chocolate and coffee to a low level this week.

I’m switching to a little bit of nice relax summer music

Hace Calor – Los Rodriguez
(it’s a really funny song, the Spanish sesame street made a version of it as well, hace calor means, it’s hot, it’s about summer and love, happy times)
Fito y Fitipaldis – La casa por el tejado
(another great Spanish song, it’s about life and love)

Ready to kick-ass! Not everything is perfect and nothing ever goes as planned, but I’m feeling up to the challenge. Have a great week everybody, Ill be back on Wednesday.


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