My Wishlist

Today I have been working on my Wishlist. Let me start with telling you what I’m listening while working on this. I’m listening to Faithless a live concert, I want to see them together with my love. We listen to their concerts a lot. We live in the Caribbean, that means outdoor living and we have a large porch surrounded by our garden, we love to sit out there and play their music and this is a great concert they gave at Rock Werchter in Belgium:

So I was telling you about my Wishlist. As you may have read in my earlier post (Life is Good) I keep lists of what I want to accomplish every year. I call that one my To Do List. Now I have started working on another type of list, which I call the Wishlist.

Last weekend was my birthday weekend, I turned 29, and I spent it with my love. We went to a villa on the coast the whole weekend. On the morning of my birthday we set out early, to visit a natural reserve. We climbed a mountain, a small one but the first one we ever climbed together. In the afternoon we went to a natural healer where we had an aloe vera skin treatment and a massage together. I will tell you more about that in my next post. But I think my birthday among others has helped me to start thinking about my Wishlist.

You know, I always know what I don’t want. It has always been like that, I knew what I did not want to study, I knew where I did not want to live and so on and so on. Being me, I made lists of those things as well. After reading a beautiful article about finding true love I started to realize I should be able to make beautiful lists with very specific details about what I do want. Instead of making negative lists with everything I do not want. If you have a little bit of time try and read this article, I found it really beautiful and inspiring:

So for my Wishlist I have been doing the following: Instead of saying I do not want to have this job anymore, I hate that I have to start at 8 every single day and I don’t have enough vacation days. I banned all those negative thoughts and I have reflected on what I do want and how to formulate the things I do want in positive wishes, please allow me to share a few of my wishes with you:

I want to be self employed in a business I share with my love. I want to work together with my love everyday and create beautiful things. I want to sell to clients that value and respect our work. I want to make great business deals that help us prosper. I want to determine my own hours and my own vacation days. I want to be completely independent.
I want to look stunning in beautiful clothes and I want to learn how to make these clothes because I have a lot of ideas about how I would like to look.

I want to feel fit and healthy, I want to have enough energy to get up every day and have a great day. I want to enjoy every day and have time to relax. I want to sleep with my love every night. I want to breathe naturally and freely. I want my shoulders and neck to be relaxed and loose. I want my skin to be smooth and tight. I want my muscles to be strong and I want my body to be flexible. I want my mind to be clear, focused and positive. I want my body to be healthy and I want to feed my body with healthy food and train it with healthy exercise.

I want to make love every day. I want to laugh every day, I want to enjoy nature every day, I want to learn new things, visit new places, live new experiences, taste new food, I want to get married, meet new friends and old friends, and most of all I want to share everything with my love.


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