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Hey Y’all 😀

I want to tell you about my blogging experiences. Well actually this is my first blog, it has been two weeks since my first post. First of all I wanted to tell you I am having so much fun doing this and I want to thank everybody who has been reading for allowing me to share with you. It is amazing to see how people from all over the world are reading my words, really amazing! I have some nice listening material for you, it’s an awesome reggae drum n bass remix I love to listen while I work on this blog:

So writing a blog, yes it is a lot of work, I think I spend about 2 to 3 hours on each post, because I try to gather  and investigate interesting information for each post, but I really love doing this. I started this blog to share my experiences with the world because I felt I am discovering so many positive things that are worthy to share with the world! But I am also blogging because I like to make lists and look things up, I like to make an overview of everything I discover and everything I want to do, in a way that is easy to read back, and a blog is ideal for this. And you know what, blogging helps me to organize my thoughts and to let go, writing things down allows me to let go of these things because I know they are saved somewhere so I do not have to worry about them all the time.

I have only told a few close friends and my love about my blog. My love is more a paper kind of guy so he prints everything and then reads it, his feedback has been really positive. As you may have read I am not a talkative person and my love tells me that by reading my blog he is understanding  a lot more about me.

You know, I have always tried to write but I never found anything good to write about until now, and now I am noticing that I am really happy with taking the step to start a blog. It seems like a small thing to do but I feel it added a new dimension to my life. I feel there is more to life now and I am ready to discover it. There are so many things on my list, places to go, things I want to do and I feel ready for it!

This blog has helped me realize that I was feeling stuck, stuck in a not so challenging job, stuck with my weight, stuck on a lot of things I did not even know were bothering me but as soon as I started writing my mind started to overflow with ideas. I make short notations in my phone about everything I want to write about and I have so many interesting subjects I want to investigate that I think I can keep going for months! I have told you I try to walk every night and during my walks my head fills with all kinds of things I want to write about or I want to do with my life.
Of course I did some research before starting this blog, that is how I ended up using WordPress, it seemed like the easiest to use. There is so much information out there for aspiring bloggers, they tell you that you should not expect to be popular the first year, that you have to comment on other blogs, that you have to make a twitter account there is so much advise out there.

I think the most important thing is to find something you are passionate about to write about and that is what I am doing. From here on we will see what happens, I am grateful for this opportunity to share my adventures and I will try to make this read as interesting as possible by adding nice media or informative links. I do not blog to make money, I blog to tell my story, to share, to feel inspired, to clear my head, to create ideas, to get away from everything, to tell the world about things that  matter to me, to inform people about interesting discoveries I have made and to let you in on my journey to create positive change in my life!
Thank you all for being here, this was in a nutshell what keeping this blog means to me, I noticed that a lot of readers are bloggers themselves and I would love to know how all of you feel about keeping a blog and what your blog means to you… So please feel free to add your comments and feedback! Big hug and mucho love!



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